by The Florentine Camerata

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released February 11, 2014



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The Florentine Camerata UK

The Florentine Camerata are a collective of like-minded individuals who came together in mid 2011, striving to compose fresh, new material taking influence from bands such as The Faceless, Necrophagist, Psycroptic, Fleshwrought & Gorod.

Their first EP, 'Encryption:Paralysis' recorded in May 2012, featured the build up tracks and highlights of the full set ready for debut album recording.
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Track Name: Architects of Destruction
Dimensions tear, as worlds collide,
Universal Pandemonium,

Where are your answers? Your lies? Your Myths?

Nothing but an obsolete revelation.

Our chances have been diminished,

The cataclysm is imminent.

Can you not see beyond the pages that you read?

Are you blinded by unswerving intent?

The Unending hypocrisy of your race,

fuels the need to eradicate and replace!

Why did we not heed the signs?

carved in stone, written in blood.

Our efforts are in vain,

We cannot hold back the flood!

Cast aside all hope of redemption,

Our fate is forever sealed.

There can be no prevention,

This wave of death shall never yield.

We are the architects of our own destruction.

Ignorance has birthed mankinds downfall.

For too long we have been denying

the inevitable cessation of our reality.

The ultimate hour is here,

All shall be purged with unrelenting finality.
Track Name: ...Into Obscurity
Mental Decay, Muscles atrophy,
 regression to infancy.

Witness the delusions, 
experience the horror.

Slip into lucid hallucinations,
 unable to calm the voices.

Whispers of your former self...

Haunted by the demons of your mind,

Visuals start to blur into the obscure.

Tormented by those around...
You...believe the lie.

Alive in the nightmare of your making,

Time is the final enemy that shall defeat you.

Unaware of the true reality,

Conscious but only existing.

denied your wish: to cease mortality
No I must escape! Your request is denied.

Brief moments of calm and clarity,

Drowned out in a sea of insanity.
Track Name: Ambivalence
We are eternal, Forever hateful,

Spitefully mocking our reflections.

Will we forever walk in ignorance?

What else has been hidden from us?

Recreate from chaos,
 Shape the world again.
Sweep aside dismissal,
 Integrity reigns supreme!

Amidst your lucid delusions,

Such mindless loathing,

I view the world with cold ambivalence,

I behold your true insignificance.

Can you percieve perfection?

Can you cast aside the innocent?

We are a damned, unequal breed.

Caged in, deceived, distracted and pacified.

Will we forever walk in ignorance? (In ignorance.)

Draw back the veil from enlightenment! (From enlightenment)

How can you percieve perfection?

How can you chastise the innocent?

With a clear gaze reflect upon reality.

It is our own anger that destroys us.